False emails with false job offers

It has come to our knowledge that some emails have been circulating with job offers allegedly made by our company about a position in an UK branch. These emails inform the person that an interview must be scheduled and in order to do that they need to register at a website and pay a certain amount. 

These job offers are FALSE! They are not made by our company. We are a Portuguese company and we have no branch in the UK or anywhere else. 

This seems a scheme to request payment from unsuspecting victims. Be AWARE.

The victims seem to receive an email from followed by an email from Cain Staffing Network.

The email address "" does not belong to our company.
The domain “” does not belong to our company.
We have no connection whatsoever with the "Cain Staffing Network". 

We have already tried to contact the Cain Staffing Network company threatening with legal action. We haven’t received any response yet. 

For your information: Our job offers are always placed in our webpage: (more precisely in the news section) but at the moment we don’t have any job openings available. 

Please don’t let yourself be deceived by these sorts of schemes. 

Always investigate the source.

Be careful.