Mecmesin FPT-H1: Control the quality of you packaging materials

Mecmesin FPT-H1

Our represented brand Mecmesin, leading testing instruments manufacturer, has recently introduced to their extended product catalogue its latest model, the FPT-H1 horizontal friction peel and tear tester. 

FPT-H1 Horizontal Friction, Peel and Tear Tester 

Mecmesin FPT-H1This device was designed for ease of use and maintenance, the FPT-H1 is supplied pre-programmed for all the main industry standard friction-testing methods for plastic films, paper and board. With fixtures also for peel and tear testing, it is ideally suited to the packaging industry, and for manufacturers, converters and users of sheet materials. 
In the dynamic environment of sheet and web-fed machinery, quick and accurate measurement of the coefficients of friction is vital. Machine speeds can only be only optimised for productivity if tearing, jamming and misfeeds are prevented, so the FPT-H1 is designed for reliable and rapid testing. With an integral touch screen to access test routines, and guidance through each run, testing requires minimal training with maximum repeatability. 

Convenience and High Throughput

Mecmesin FPT-H1 - Tear TestFor quality testing of seals, closures and perforations, and the tear strength of sheet materials, the FPT-H1 presents convenience and high throughput. Affordable for the smaller user, it is also robust and reliable for the more demanding environment. With Mecmesin’s powerful Emperor™ software for control, data acquisition and analysis, the FPT-H1 is also ideally suited to detailed laboratory testing and extension into other tensile testing.

Various Accessories in Accordance with the Standards

When fitting plastic film samples it is vital not to compromise the surface being tested, so to minimise handling, the FPT-H1 employs quick-attachment grips, and coefficient of friction (COF) sample sleds with magnetic grips. The plane bed itself is easy-clean stainless steel.

Mecmesin FPT-H1 - Friction TestSample sleds are available to comply with the weights and dimensions requirements of all the main test COF standards, with linkages as defined for static and dynamic coefficients of friction and avoidance of stick-slip behaviour.
ISO 15359

ISO 15359 is the paper and board coefficient of friction standard that sets the testing bar highest. 

By requiring a mechanised set-down and lifting mechanism and guide rails, it seeks to eliminate operator variance, and sled rotation and drift caused by surface variability (inks, embossing and textures). 

The FPT-H1 has these facilities as an optional built-in feature, with operation fully integrated into the supplied ISO 15359 test program.      

Versatile: It can Perform Multiple Test Types

The FPT-H1 can be employed equally for tear and peel testing in packaging situations, including fixturing for 90 and 180 degree and T-peel standard methods, and trouser tear or perforation line testing.

Market-Leading Machine

Mecmesin FPT-H1 - Peel TestIn launching the FPT-H1, Mecmesin Managing Director John Page stated:
“Mecmesin understands industry’s need for dedicated yet versatile testers. With the FPT-H1 we have put ease of use and clean design at the forefront. This is a market-leading machine suitable for continuous daily use, but also for finer and more detailed laboratory friction testing.”

Watch the attached video and see the technical datasheet.

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