Final Presentation of PrecisionCork

Last monday, november 11th, at Azevedos Indústria, took place the final presentation of the project PrecisionCork - in-line measurement and control of key and quality parameters of cork stoppers.

In this presentation were represented all members of the consortium (EGITRON, INESCTEC, Cork Supply and Azevedos Indústria), as well as by ANI, Dr. Sónia Rodrigues and, as appointed auditor, Eng. José Carvalho of the University of Minho.

The presentation was divided into different parts and began with a presentation of the concept and previous objectives by Eng. Armindo Oliveira, CEO of EGITRON, followed by a demonstration and explanation of the project by Eng. Pedro Meneses. In the end, there was also a space for clarifying doubts.