Reacting to new market demands, EGITRON today launches a new image: cleaner, more appealing, dynamic and innovative design to better reflect what we really are.

Starting today, we present ourselves with a logo that, in addition to the company name, includes a hexagonal shape with a stylized EGITRON "E". This figure is symbolic of the company's many facets, reflected in the wide range of products and sectors in which it operates. In turn, the colors used, blue and green, convey the idea of ​​harmony and security that we want to convey to all those with whom we work daily: customers, suppliers, partners and friends.

We are a company that, despite its age and experience, remains current and attentive to market developments ... We are not afraid of change and this step is just another proof of this!

We now have an image that best conveys what we are and we want to continue to be: innovation and excellence!