EGITRON develops online wine oxidation detection system for SYMINGTON

EGITRON has developed for SYMINGTON the SIL.PC equipment, an On-Line Inspection System for Detection of Capillary Progression of wine in cork stoppers.

The SIL.PC allows the automatic inspection of all bottles that may have their wine oxidized due to the presence of capillary progressions in their cork stoppers.  When a progression is detected, the bottle is automatically rejected, preventing contaminated wine from reaching the final customer.

The system is prepared to inspect up to 1 bottle per second and the acquired images correspond to the 360º sides and top of the cork, which means a complete inspection.

The possibility of height adjustment also allows it to adapt to different bottle types. It also has a touch-screen console that allows the operator to consult the entire history of inspected bottles, control the test parameters, and generate statistical reports.

SIL.PC is one more step in EGITRON's strategy to develop solutions in the area of artificial vision.