EGITRON Process Control Software Evaluation Report

EGITRON requested the collaboration of CATIM (Metalworking Industry Technological Support Center), to evaluate and test its new software for statistical process control, EGITRON Process Control (EPC).
Aware of the added value it can bring to the application, this was a first step towards the certification and evaluation of the software by external entities, which can test and evaluate this excellent tool for quality control.
The evaluation aimed to determine the degree of suitability of the application, essentially at the level of functionality and usability, having considered the general guidelines of the evaluation model defined in ISO/IEC 25040 Systems and software engineering - Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) - Evaluation process.
The EPC application is a very versatile statistical tool that can be adapted to any industrial sector (production flow, quality characteristics of the sector, data collection plan, etc.).The available configuration tables ensure this degree of portability.

We highlight the following positive aspects:
  • the application allows the connection of the EPC to the production plan in other media used by the company/organization;
  • adequate and detailed information of the entire quality control history, including traceability to the lot of raw/subcomponent materials;
  • robust application from the point of view of history information and simulation;
  • good configuration and flexibility features;
  • ease of users to learn and master the software, i.e. degree of adaptability of new users in a real environment
  • integration with other systems;
  • statistical accuracy