LOGOPLASTE moves forward with new SPC software from EGITRON

February 1st, marks the beginning of the use of the new EGITRON SPC software - EGITRON Process Control (EPC) - at LOGOPLASTE.

In a universe of 14 industrial units in Portugal, with more than 20 equipments in automatic acquisition, the new EGITRON Process Control allows LOGOPLASTE to exponentiate the quality control over its production, as well as boost all traceability.

Through the EPC dashboard, LOGOPLASTE can at glance analyze its process monitoring KPIs and, with the help of notifications via Microsoft Teams and e-mail, allow to act on the process in an agile and immediate way.
EGITRON thus contributes to the dematerialization of self-monitoring and to the scaling of LOGOPLASTE's statistical process control.

LOGOPLASTE was already a customer and user of the old SPC software from EGITRON since 2013. The good experience and the new functionalities of the new software were decisive for the selection of EGITRON once again as its technological partner of reference.

For March it is already planned to extend the use of the software to the industrial units in Spain.